Welcome to the Accredited Snow Contractors Association’s Online Learning Center!

ASCA developed these educational resources to support the insurance partnership with Mills Insurance, as well as to reinforce the ASCA’s Industry Standards and the ASCA’s verification quality management system, ISO9001/SN9001.

Snow and ice professionals who complete 10 hours of ASCA-approved educational programming, and are ASCA members in good standing, earn the designation “ASCA Certified.” Certification (ASCA-C) is renewed on an annual basis and requires the completion of 10 hours of ASCA-approved education to meet the renewal requirements.

To earn initial certification, the ASCA’s education committee requires the completion of the 101-level courses. Your initial certification is valid for one year.

Subsequent 201-level courses count toward your renewal.

The ASCA promotes continuing education, and in doing so, the education committee encourages an on-going commitment to learning. Individuals who have completed the 101- level courses can continue on to the 201-level courses at any time. If you complete the 201- level courses any time prior to your 1-year renewal date, an automatic 12-month extension is applied to your certification.

All of the educational courses here are ASCA-approved programs to qualify for “ASCA Certified” (ASCA-C) status. Each course includes a presentation followed by a short quiz. Once the quiz is passed, the course is completed and a certificate-of-completion document is issued. ASCA provides an all-encompassing certificate for achieving initial certification and for your renewal.

Individual certification reflects the commitment of your organization to your business, to professionalism and to adhering to industry standards. Please direct any comments or questions on ASCA education to Kevin Gilbride at kgilbride@ascaonline.org.

Google Chrome or Firefox are the highly recommended Internet Browsers which should be used when utilizing the ASCA training programs.